Why should I use Feradisin?

Nowadays, the chemicals proved that they have negative effects on human health and absorbed by skin, unfortunately, are used in personal care and cleaning products. Beside this, alcohol and its derivatives and animal additives’ usage in products leave us in different dangers both in 2 ways; The risk of losing our moral health because of the products not containing halal substances and the risk of losing our body health because of the chemicals harmful to human body. Feradisin Product Family has been formed to remove these two dangers. Feradisin Product Family have active Formula formed by natural minerals, herbal substances. They don’t contain SLS, SLES (detergent foaming), parabens, flouride, saccharins, artificial colorant, derivatises obtained from alcohol and petrol. Feradisin products, herbal natural and Gimdes Halal certificated, are with you.


What is Gimdes Halal Certificate?

Whether for food stuff or personal care and cleaning products, some basic criteria are necessary to get halal certificate from Gimdes, Turkey’s first and most accredited halal certifier institution. The most importants of these criteria are that the products should contain halal substances and shouldn’t have harmful materials for human health. They should also be produced by the suitable fabrication technique.

Gimdes is aware of the sensitiveness of the matter and carries out the inspection on behalf of you. You can be sure that you protect yourselves and your family while using a product Gimdes certificated.

Our Certificates