The Danger in Personal Care and Cleaning Products

SLS,SLES-Sodium Laurly Sulfat (Detergent Foaming Agent) : it is used as foaming agent. SLS,which passes into the blood via shampoo and toothpaste, is harmful even if it is taken under 1 percent.SLS causes toxic effect on blood cells, gingivitis and by reducing the strenght of the teeth,it triggers the cavity and allergy. It also reacts with other chemicals reasoning cancer.

Parabens: Parabens used commonly in medical and cosmetics inhibit the breeding of the microbes and prolong the products’ shelf life.It is well-known that parabens used in toothpaste have toxic effects. It causes allergic reactions and skin rash. Besides, it has been stated that it triggers the forming of cancer, especially breast cancer.

Floride: Floride,which is used in toothpastes for killing the bacteria and preventing the cavity, also kills the useful bacteria in mouth. Its other effects on the body :Bio accumulation, reproductive system diseases, disorders in central nervous system, low IQ, early puberty, decrease in thyroid hormons, rheumatism and osteolysis.

Saccharins: Its most harmful effect is being a carcinogen substance, especially on urinary bladder. In many surveys it is stated that saccharin can cause structural changing on epithel and forbidden for pregnants because of its transmitting to babies.

Titanium Dioxide: The colorants obtained via artificial methods have allergic effects. When the nano shreds of Titanium Dioxide enter into the body they start to accumulate in some organs because thay can not be removed out of the body. They can passes from cells to cells or organs because they are so tiny. They also affect the mechanism in cell.

Phosphate: It can leave remnants on the surface and may cause irritation on skin, diarrhea and nauseation. However, its most important harm is for environment, especially eutrophication in the seas known as phosphate intoxication. The mosses in the sea grow quickly with phosphate and reduces the oxygen in the seas. It is too hard to remove the phosphate from water. So, it gives us harm by mixing in water.